General Membership Meeting Minutes

APRIL 1, 2006


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at 918 Benjamin NE, Grand Rapids.
Meeting was opened with the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

Roll Call of Officers:


Amy Marcus, Executive Vice-President
Steve Lang, Maintenance Director
Dan Quillin, Clerk Craft Director
Karen Hodges, Recording Secretary
Linda Chandler, Treasurer
Michelle Gregory, Sgt-at-Arms
Absent: Jennifer Amos, President
Scott Larabel, MVS Director
Associate Office Director

March General Membership Meeting minutes were accepted with the following correction/ comments for future use: The constitutional changes should be more detail and the insert of challenge of chair on the amendments. MSC

Applications for Membership:

Bruce J. Nielsen MVS

Officers Report:

Treasurerís report: Chandler; Approved as read. MSC

Clerk Craft Director: Quillin; The closing date for the AMF will be sometime in July. Depends on the signing of the P-2 lease. The job summit will be on Tuesday. All tour one jobs are split days. Trying to get consecutive days off. Pushing for more Tour 2 jobs. I will be attending the State Convention in Detroit, April 27th thru 30th. My phone will be turned on so anyone can get a hold of me. The Casual in Lieu of grievance will be heard sometime in May. Not sure if I will have any news before September in regards to it. Donít listen to any rumors in regards to it. Jennifer, Amy and I will be the ones to talk too.

Maintenance Craft Director: Lang; Open season ended yesterday, will have to wait 3 years for the next one. We had a couple of transfers Waiting for test scores to come back. Those that are qualified will get paid out of schedule for when they should have gotten the job. Nelson wants the moving of the 1000 and 100, one contracted out and the other not.

Executive Vice President: Marcus; At the Human Relations Conference, I went to the update on the Personnel Closing. This will be done in August. Two EAS people district wide.The plan is to have 400 EAS Shared Specialist throughout the country. Personnel Files will become electronic and will be located by district) once retired you are no longer Postal. You must contact OPM. Job bidding will be done by the 2 Shared Specialist. We will be setting up a retirement fair May 16th here at the hall. We will be inviting the NALC. This will be an all day thing. You can stroll in and out as you please. Labor management meeting was unproductive. No personnel or MVS people were in attendance to take questions.

Committee Reports:

A & E: Stoddard; A big thank you to Sonja Burgers for the putters. We will be having 30 foursomes, still working for $8000, and my goal $10,000. The ABA said if it happens we will be one of the biggest contributors. Itís June 4th at Indian Trails.

June 11th is the picnic. Next A & E committee meeting is April 11th at 6:00 pm. We are still looking for new members to join.

Veteranís: Kramer; Anyone that has had a family member killed in action I have forms here to send to D. C. to receive a gold leaf certificate signed by the President. Discussion

Board Recommendations:

To authorize $1500 for convention pins and trinkets for the ď parade of statesĒ for the National convention in Philadelphia in August. Motion Austin 2nd Scutt to have union made trinkets. MSC

To recognize Jennifer Gilbert and Mike Long as unpaid delegates of WMAL, as they are state officers already being paid by the state. MSC

New Business:

Motion: Austin Second: Scutt For this local to endorse Jennifer Granholm for Governor of Michigan. MSC

Cans for COPA $6.40 from NE station and $15.00 from downtown

Challenging chair in regards to the policy for rescheduling meetings.

Motion Kramer Second Lang To donate $100 for Rollin Rylee a disable Vet. Discussion MSC

Motion: Austin Second Makavitz; To send flowers or a $25 donation to their choice of charity, on the death of a member, memberís spouse, significant other, legal child, mother and father. Discussion MSD

Motion: Hodges Second Austin; With the exception of the President, all other officers of this local, WMAL, that have LWOP (leave without pay) on their job description, for union business only, this LWOP is to be used for LOCAL union business pertaining to their job and not for State or National Conventions. MSC

Motion: Hodges Second Austin; To make the monthly drawing 5- $20.00 drawings instead of $10. Discussion MSD

Motion: Hodges Second Chandler; ďIn order to be included for the $10 and Special drawings at the monthly General Membership meetings. You must be in attendance the entire meeting and be present to win, otherwise to forfeit any money or prize given. Discussion MSC

Motion: Hodges Second Pike To increase the refreshment allotment from $100 to $150. MSC

Motion: Hodges Second Austin; To change the Scholarships From 5-$1000 to 10 $500 and once a person wins they canít win again, effective 2007 Tabled

Scholarship drawings: 5 $1000

Nicole Gregory, daughter of John Gregory;

LaCretia Buerkens, daughter of Kristin Earvin,
Kimberlynn Kohlhaas, daughter of Mike Kohlhass,
Blake Flikkema, step-son of John Boyd,
Daniel Nash, son of Margaret Nash.
Ashley Galloday, daughter of Cheryl Galloday,
Katherine Ann Kidd, daughter of James Kidd,
Colin Uhen, son of Terry Uhen,
Maria Woszczak, daughter of Jennifer Amos,
and Stephanie Jenkins, daughter of Pam Jenkins.

Motion Austin Second Maklavitz To purchase a ticket to the World Affairs Council Dinner for George Hendricks at a cost of $150.00 MSD

Point of inquiry, Page; is it possible to have minutes posted on the internet same time as minutes are done.

Labor Management Ė none


COPA $33.50 Joe Kresnek winner $33.50

HAM Winners: Marilyn Bulsock, Linda Chandler, Sonja Bergers, Dick Page, Karen Hodges, Tim Wright, Bill Scutt, Ray Novakoski, Rose Jerrils, Mike Hill.

$10.00 Winners: Mary Haight, Jackie Pike, Joe Kernel, Don Kramer (donated to COPA)

Meeting adjourned at 8:39 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Karen Hodges
Recording Secretary


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