Maintenance Issues



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Custodial Issues    
  MS-47 (TL-5)  MS 47 TL 5 Implementation List Feb 27 2015 TL-5 Student Handbook
  Custodial Absence Settlement/MOU Custodial Staffing / Post Das Maintenance Webinar for TL-5 Implementation
  MS-47 (TL-3) CTC Site Prep Guide MMO-001-14 - Team Cleaning Tools and Equipment
Building Issues    
  MS-1 (TL-6) MS-1 (Arbitration Award) MS-1 (Settlement and Implementation)
  Hub Repair & Alteratioins SOP (No Revision)
Hub Repair & Alterations SOP (Rev #2)
Mechanized Issues    
  MSS - EL-304 Issue 3