Office of Workman's Compensation


Three Types of Claims

Traumatic Injury (CA-1) Occupational Illness (CA-2) Recurrence of Disability (CA-2a)


Job Descriptions to Assist Your Doctor

Automation Clerk Carrier Flat Sorter
Manual / Distribution Clerk Mail Handler Small Parcel Bundle Sorter


Various Information

Employee - Injury Statements (Samples) ICD-9 Codes OWCP Forms
(CA / OWCP / HCFA Series)
Five Basic Elements Burden of Proof COP CA-810 (Chapter 5)
PS Form 2499 What to Do When Injured at Work
(copied from
Right to See Own Physician
(copied from
(copied from
Determining Casual Relationship
(copied from
Things to do when hurt at work
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Handbook EL-505
(Injury Compensation)
APWU OWCP Page What to Do When Injured at Work
(Handbook from APWU HQ)